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To us, it's the first evening star with a supernova of citrus infusion. 

What began as a reinvention of limoncello with daring flavors and a wholesome focus is now an industry change maker.  With our family brand of products and sustainable partnerships, we aim to use the whole fruit from peel to pith, zest to juice and every piece of pulp in between. Our delicious citrus spirits elevate this traditionally home-spun beverage with a spin on unique flavors and healthier alternatives (i.e. low carb and low glycemic index). We source whole, organic, unprocessed, natural, compostable and recycled products and goods as are available, and we are produced and made in the USA.

Explore our website to learn more about how we repurpose, reimagine, and redefine what a spirit means in this modern world. You’ll also find detailed information, recipes, ingredients, non-profit partners and links to our line of sustainable and natural products.

Taste The Glow... Feel Aglow!



Good question!

Hesperium is the Greek word for a citrus fruit - but that is a mouthful for sure, so we shortened it to Hesper. Plus, Hesper means the first evening star, hence the twinkle in our logo. And lastly, the ancient Greeks used to call Italy Hesperia as that is where they saw the first evening star arise.

To us - Hesper is the perfect blend of our company values and brings it full circle on name, tradition, history, quality and purpose.

Holistic Spa Treatments

Evolving Beauty

Our spa products reuse the peels aka zest from the spirit making process and are the first step into our focus on changing and evolving the beverage and beauty industries to be more sustainable.
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Our delicious citrus infused spirits, inspired from this traditionally home-spun beverage, put a spin on expectations with non-traditional flavors and low-carb, keto-friendly lifestyle alternatives
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Hesper started as a reinvention of limoncello with daring flavors and an organic holistic focus. Our founder, Dianna Cavagnaro, whose career spans non-profit events and fundraising, saw an opportunity to disrupt the beverage industry and by becoming an entrepreneur, bet on herself,her dreams and her passions.